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One of the major benefits of our new website is that we are now able to showcase work which we personally love but previously may not have been able to accommodate in our range. For the first time on our website we are now hosting a range of New Contemporary British Art for 2018, intended to appeal to the fine art galleries with whom we work. I'm pleased to say that we are now featuring works from the first three artists in this category, Nick Huck, David Anthony Jarrett & Caroline Reed

Nick is a wonderful new, self-taught talent from Burnley, Lancashire who paints powerful and imposing figurative and portrait works. We are thrilled to be distributing his first collection of Original Oil Works.

Anthony is a talented painter and screenprinter based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire who creates wonderful design-led contemporary works, revolving around ideas of complementary and contrasting colour schemes, geometrics and the basic principles of design.

Caroline also works from a home studio in Hebden Bridge, and says that her work are “constructions of emotions and life experience”. Her striking portraiture works are based on photographic collages which she variously manipulates and embellishes with spray paints, oils and/or acrylics. Caroline says that her work could be classed as portrait manipulation, in which “The character must be demolished in order to be able to create a new one”.