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This bold new range of work from Yorkshire artist Caroline Reed entitled 'Extinction Pending', highlights her concerns for the future of our planet and its inhabitants.

Working from a studio in Hebden Bridge, Caroline marries her digital skill set with her long-standing background as a fine artist. She creates her works as small collages on paper before photographing and editing them in digital software. These works are then re-printed on to fine art paper and then further hand-embellished with inks, acrylics, oils and spray paints. Typically Caroline only produces one finished version of each of her works which she considers to be the original piece, however for the first time we are pleased to be presenting her works in short limited edition runs of five. Produced in close collaboration with the artist and adhering to her stipulations, these remarkable works come available as either conservation mounted giclee works on paper or acrylic face mounted items.

A statement from the Artist regarding her work:
My work is a construction of my emotions and life experiences.
My aim is to reveal not to be put on display personally.
My work tends to suggest a narrative, it is not intended to burden the viewer more to provoke thought.

My method
The initial stage of my process is a small collage that I then photograph and blow up 
In order for it to be rebuilt a new using ink spray paint and either oil or acrylic paint.
The character must be demolished in order to be able to create a new one 
This could be classed as portrait manipulation.
I only ever create one of each piece so each one is a original.

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