A Statement from the Artist regarding his work;

I am based in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, and have been an artist for over 10 years. My work focuses primarily on theoretical and fundamental principles; while at the same time looking at these very principles from an objective and subjective perspective.

Every piece of artwork looks at either the interaction of colour, elements of simple form/design and the influence of mathematics over art and design; or a mixture of all three. In short, you could say my artwork/s explores and examines different theoretical experiments. In order to carry out and investigate these experiments, I use various creative mediums.

Other interests include Colourfield abstraction and in particular the use of colour as a means in which to convey and express my core message. I also have an interest in primitive art and primitive techniques, and as a result I have had various exhibitions exploring my love for colour and primitive processes; whereby each individual piece of artwork was created using only my finger/hand.

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