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This wonderful series of playful works reflecting country life come from established fine artist, Jacob Sutton. A man who has enjoyed a long and well-travelled career pairing photo-journalsim with painting, and taking in professional pit-stops in Afghanistan, France and America, a spell at TIME Magazine, and also a brief period as Tony Blair's personal photographer during his final months at No. 10 Downing Street.

The works we present here are the fruits of a short time spent on a friend's farm in Pembrookshire. These lively and humorous animal sudies were painted en plein air, in many instances in the same field as the livestock which he was capturing. "I painted on the ground with a raw canvas and three four tubes of paint, and off I went... if the animals look as if they are three of four feet away from me, that's because they were! If you put an off white, unprimed linen canvas on the ground the chickens think it's food, so as I painted the canvas they were busy pecking at it!" . The floral works shown here are altogether more peaceful items, and stand in contrast to the farm animals, with Jacob deftly adjusting the parameters of his work to create a series of serene, uninhabited studies.

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