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We are thrilled to be the distributors for this selection of original Fine Art masterworks on behalf of the acclaimed Spanish painter, Jorge Aguilar. 

Jorge Aguilar-Agon was born in Barcelona in 1936. After attaining a University degree, he left Spain for Europe, mixing with the Bohemian circles of the Schwabinger Kunstkreis in Munich and Parisian Montmartre and St Germain du Pres.

His first exhibition was launched at The Medici Society in London and his reputation as an artist quickly grew into one of international recognition and repute. His distinctive style of painting reflects a personal record of his travels and to date he has had over 10 highly successful world tours and over 200 individual exhibitions.

In 2011 Jorge held a sell out one man show for the Sultan of Oman  in 2007 for his 70th birthday held a prestigious exhibition at the then Spencer Coleman London Gallery which won show of the year. A decade later in celebration of his 80th birthday, his most recent one man show at Spencer Coleman Gallery, Stamford, was again highly commended and another sell out to his avid collectors throughout the UK.

Recently Jorge has been awarded a lifetime achievement award and been inducted into the Hall of Fame, by The Fine Art Trade Guild of London. 65 years of original works later and Jorge is painting stronger then ever.

‘There is nothing to hide on the other side of the easel, but the truth’

Jorge Aguilar-Agon


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