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Born in Burnley, Lancashire in 1988, Nick Huck has undergone little in the way of formal art training. Instead, his skills have been developed through experimentation and self-study as well as observing and learning from other artists.

The purpose behind Nick’s work is to explore the human perception of reality. Previously he has focused on common cultural archetypes and their facets, such as the masculinity of the warrior/ hero figure. Currently his work is reaching more broadly and is exploring how the viewer can be challenged in how they view the painting itself, rather than simply the subject contained within.

Favouring oil paints and relatively traditional painting techniques, Nick nevertheless has begun to select other materials that allow his pieces to be blurred, distorted or twisted as he chooses. In this way he will allow the viewer to see certain elements of a painting clearly, while frosted Perspex or similar material obscures others through calculated placement.

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