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More than just a family business.

Cheshire Art Agencies is a family business proudly based in the North West of England. With over forty years working experience in the Fine Art Industry, we specialise in sourcing and providing high quality artworks to Independent and Fine Art Galleries throughout the UK and beyond. 

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Alex Bell

take a walk on the wild side

We are thrilled to showcase our most popular range of 2018, a series of dynamic wildlife works from young Norwich based painter, Alex Bell. Get ahead of the pack and click here to view his latest works.

No 12.'Whitsuntide,' by Tomie Rigby, acrylic and ink, 15 cm sq.jpg

Tonie Rigby

an exciting new voice in northern art

A contemporary artist with a passion for paint, Tonie Rigby works with themes of landscapes, the industrial North and interpersonal relationships. This bold new voice in Northern Art is putting a fresh spin on familiar themes. Click here to see more of her original work.


David Bez

A Breath of fresh air - new works

Our perennially popular Manchester based painter returns with a stunning set of new original works, taking inspiration from the diverse landscapes surrounding his Manchester home and beyond. Explore a selection of eight new series of work from this best selling painter by clicking here.


Lawrie Williamson 

making a splash with new fishing prints

We celebrate the life of our much loved friend, and best selling artist, Lawrie Williamson by proudly presenting a new range of Limited Edition Works, produced in close collaboration with the Artist's estate and available for the first time in 2018.

As well as being a master painter, Lawrie was also a formidable fly fisherman in his day, with his keen level of skill and knowledge ably illustrated in this stunning series of work. Click here to dive into an exciting new body of work from this Modern Master.